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Recognizing World Alzheimer’s Day in Facilities for Alzheimer’s

World Alzheimer’s Day is celebrated every 21st of September each year. On this momentous day, the world gathers to show its support, commitment, and compassion to those suffering from Alzheimer’s and those living in facilities for Alzheimer’s. On World Alzheimer’s Day, let us gather and unite for the same purpose of acknowledging the journey affected […]

Celebrating Grandparents Day in Assisted Living Facilities | Ashland NE

Grandparents are special, like parents, they provide genuine love, support, and care. They also have a special way of showing their unconditional love, making childhood more memorable. National Grandparents Day is upon us, a special day dedicated to thanking and honoring all the grandparents out there including those in assisted living facilities Ashland NE. It […]

How to Care for Your Emotional Well-being in Senior Housing

Caring for one’s well-being is essential regardless of age, but it becomes more important, particularly for residents in senior housing. As senior adults navigate the new living arrangement, the emotional, physical, and psychological adjustments may impact their overall health. It is vital to maintain a healthy environment in senior housing communities. From stress management, physical […]

Cinco De Mayo Celebrations in Assisted Living Ashland NE

Cinco De Mayo or the Fifth of May is a Mexican annual celebration to commemorate the country’s victory over the Second French Empire in 1862. Although Cinco De Mayo is a Mexican holiday, it is also celebrated in the United States. In America, it has become a yearly celebration to honor Mexican culture and heritage. […]

Lupus Alert Day: Living With Lupus In Senior Housing

Lupus Alert Day is a day designated to raise awareness about lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease that can affect various parts of the body. Living with lupus can be challenging, especially for seniors who reside in senior housing.   In this context, seniors with lupus may face unique challenges related to their health, mobility, and […]

The Importance of Communication and Collaboration between Residents and Staff in Senior Housing Ashland NE

As people age, it becomes more difficult for them to live independently. Senior housing is designed to provide a safe and supportive living environment for older adults. However, the success of senior housing Ashland NE depends on effective communication and collaboration between residents and staff. This article will explore the importance and benefits of communication […]