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The Healing Power of Art: Exploring Creative Therapies in Memory Care Assisted Living | Ashland NE

In the world of memory care, where senior adults grappling with cognitive issues find the care and support that they need, bearing the challenges of cognitive decline for seniors in memory assisted living Ashland, NE, can still be overwhelming. Despite the availability of treatments, some aspects may not be directly addressed, such as senior residents’ […]

The Healing Power of Nature: Incorporating Biophilic Design in Memory Assisted Living Communities

When integrated into an existing or new design, biophilic design improves the aesthetic appeal and well-being of the occupants. In memory assisted living biophilic design promotes better physical and mental health. This design approach offers seniors more opportunities for relaxation and connection with nature. Using natural light, indoor plants, views of nature, natural materials, or […]

Patient Safety Awareness Week in Facilities for Alzheimer’s

Medical errors and accidents within care facilities cause serious injuries and even death. Caring for patient’s safety and well-being is paramount, especially if they face the challenges that come with memory impairments. The Patient Safety Awareness Week reminds facilities for Alzheimer’s, caregivers, staff, and residents’ families to implement innovative strategies to create a supportive and […]

Building Strong Caregiver Relationships: How to Provide Exceptional Care in Assisted Living Ashland NE

Humans are social beings who are wired to seek companionship from others, whether it’s in the form of large group meetups or intimate one-on-one talks. Because of this, people need to have access to socialization opportunities at every stage of their life — including their golden years.   This can be difficult, especially for those […]

Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Day in Assisted Living

Rheumatoid arthritis affects people of all ages — from teens and young professionals to elderly folks in assisted living facilities. This condition affects numerous joints in the body, making day-to-day activities more difficult and painful and eventually downgrading one’s quality of life.   Fortunately, while rheumatoid arthritis currently has no cure, there are numerous ways […]

Recognizing World Alzheimer’s Day in Facilities for Alzheimer’s

World Alzheimer’s Day is celebrated every 21st of September each year. On this momentous day, the world gathers to show its support, commitment, and compassion to those suffering from Alzheimer’s and those living in facilities for Alzheimer’s. On World Alzheimer’s Day, let us gather and unite for the same purpose of acknowledging the journey affected […]

Celebrating Grandparents Day in Assisted Living Facilities | Ashland NE

Grandparents are special, like parents, they provide genuine love, support, and care. They also have a special way of showing their unconditional love, making childhood more memorable. National Grandparents Day is upon us, a special day dedicated to thanking and honoring all the grandparents out there including those in assisted living facilities Ashland NE. It […]