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Why Family Matters in Assisted Living

As the world’s population gets older, the need for a family to understand assisted living and what it offers to the lives of the elderly is becoming much more important. But while a lot of family members think that their loved ones can have the best life in these communities, what they fail to realize […]

How Senior Housing Promotes Good Quality of Life

It is happening: the American population is growing older. The number of older adults is projected to reach an astounding 94.7 million from 56 million. That’s a 69% increase in the elderly population of the United States. This means that senior housing will be increasingly in demand, as more seniors would choose to live in […]

Independent Living at Continuing Care Retirement Communities

The term “independent living” may take on different meanings when applied to continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs). It may sometimes imply an active and independent lifestyle, where the senior is free of the need for assistance with performing daily tasks and addressing his/her daily needs. In other cases, it may mean that a frailer senior, […]

Personal Assistance for Memory Assisted Living Residents

Senior living is a broad industry. In the United States alone there are multiple options available to older people. From active adult communities to nursing homes, personal assistance is a solution that will cater to the preference of the elderly person and his family. However, the variety is a double-edged sword. As good as having […]

How Technology Benefits Seniors and Improves Senior Housing

It’s hard to imagine a time when a cellphone wasn’t just an arm’s length away. However, this age of technology has paved the way for us to forge connections, learn new things, and work from anywhere. What’s interesting to note is that it isn’t just millennials who are benefitting from all this technological innovation. The […]

A Guide to Finding the Right Facilities for Alzheimer’s

The senior care industry has grown throughout the years. Part of this growth is the establishment of facilities that offer different levels of care — skilled nursing, assisted living, and independent living. Alongside them, the number of memory units and other facilities for Alzheimer’s have also grown in response to the increasing number of persons […]

What You Need to Know About Paying for Independent Living

The aging population is growing more every day and with it comes the increasing need for elderly care. Retirement is an inevitable part of life and when that time comes you may want to start considering your options for places where you can still live as independently as possible in a safe and secure place […]

Can a Person With Dementia Live in Assisted Living?

Dementia is silently taking away people’s memory, thinking, and ability to perform daily activities for many years. Today, at least 50 million people suffer from this debilitating syndrome with 10 new cases added to the statistic every year. The sad truth is that patients suffering from dementia will need specialized care for the rest of […]

A Closer Look at the Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease

The numbers say it all. 1 in 3 seniors die from Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia, more than 5 million Americans are living with it and this year, the disease will cost America more than $305 billion. But the question that most of us often choose to overlook is: how does Alzheimer’s disease progress?   […]