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What Care Options Are Available for Senior Housing Residents?

As our loved ones grow older, the higher the level of care they will need. Fortunately, the elderly population is now more knowledgeable about their care options when it comes to senior housing and the care senior housing facilities offer.


In fact, 48% of seniors who took part in the United States of Aging survey by the National Council of Aging said that they prefer to stay in an assisted living facility if they need care in the future. But why is a senior housing facility the go-to choice for the aging population?



Senior Housing is a lot better than Care in the Home


Although there’s still no place like home, the need for specialized care increases as the individual grows older and especially if he is suffering from a medical condition like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Senior housing meets both worlds by offering the care that the elderly requires without restricting him from his independence.


Unlike a typical nursing home, senior housing facilities offer almost the same comfort and independence to living at home with the addition of care options that are accessible for residents whenever they need them.


While some may argue that care can be given by private caregivers or nurses at home, assisted living facilities to offer care 24 hours a day to minimize—or completely eliminate—the potential for dangers that are otherwise present back home.



Senior Housing is Ideal for Long-Term Care


While the elderly population acknowledges the fact that they will need care at some point, a lot of them are still not aware that they may need to consider long-term care options as they age.


In fact, at least 70% of seniors will need long-term care during their later years but only a mere 36% of them anticipate it. There is also that added concern of whether they can stay in the comforts of home for a longer time since it’s where they want to be for as long as they can.


Senior housing covers all those bases by making sure that care is given to a resident whenever needed while providing him with almost the same comforts that he longs for back home.


At an assisted living facility, an elderly will never feel that he is sick or helpless because activities are geared towards promoting as much independence as possible while making sure that they are away from any risks that could put them in danger.



The Bottom Line


The increasing awareness of the elderly for the care options available for them is a good sign because it means that they can make better decisions when it comes to the level of independence they want during their later years.


Senior housing is a preferred choice for many seniors because of how it gives them the opportunity to enjoy the things that they used to do back home with the added security that they have professionals at their beck and call whenever they need care.


After all, the elderly deserve the best quality of life where they can enjoy independence, foster relationships and stay healthy for as long as possible.


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Independent Living for Seniors: Understanding Your Options

There was a time when younger people dominated the world. But in a few years, history will be made when the older population will be more than the younger generation.


With the baby boomers reaching late adulthood, the world is definitely aging and with it are the many concerns for seniors, one of which is where to live.


As people age, their needs also change due to restrictions brought about by health conditions or just the fact that they’re not as active and mobile as they used to be. But the good thing is, there are several options for independent living for seniors depending on what their specific needs are:



Senior Apartment


Also known as an independent living community, a senior apartment is typically a part of a senior facility that offers different types of care to the elderly including assisted living, skilled nursing care, memory care and independent living for seniors.


This type of housing option is perfect for seniors who are still active but don’t want to think about the basic chores anymore. Senior apartments usually promote the maintenance-free lifestyle where usual activities like doing the laundry, cleaning the house and arranging for transportation are already taken care of by the facility. Residents even have the option to eat in the communal space if they don’t want to cook their own meals.


Seniors living in this type of accommodation are usually aiming for independent living but they also want assistance to be easily accessible whenever they need it. Senior apartments are safety and security measures that allow residents to enjoy their facilities without worrying about any dangers.



Retirement Community


For individuals looking for independent living for seniors with the least amount of services available, a retirement community is one of the best options out there. This type of living option is basically like a neighborhood where active and independent seniors live harmoniously with people within their age group.


When a senior resides in a retirement community, he will be responsible for almost all the tasks in his residence including cleaning, doing the laundry and cooking meals. Grounds maintenance is usually the only service offered in a retirement community, but residents can still enjoy amenities like a fitness center, clubhouse, swimming pool, and even its own restaurant.



Low-Income Housing


Designed specifically for low-income seniors, this type of housing option is quite similar to a senior apartment. The only difference is the rent where low-income housing usually costs a lot lower because it is subsidized or supported by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).


There are certain requirements for a senior to qualify for low-income housing and it’s not uncommon to have a waitlist since these housing programs attract more applications because of their lower rental cost.



Knowing the Right Option for your Loved One


Independent living for seniors varies because each elderly individual has specific needs and preferences. So before you decide on the right option for your loved one, make sure that you consider things like comfort, safety and most importantly, cost so you can really let him enjoy the best quality of life without the burden of hefty expenses in the long run.


Richmont Senior Living is proud to serve Ashland, NE and the surrounding cities: Memphis, Springfield, South Bend, Greenwood, Murdock, Waverly, Murdock, Ithaca, and Chalco