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Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day in Memory Assisted Living

There are many ways to celebrate Father’s Day, such as honoring the fathers and those who stood for the role. But it is no different when celebrating Father’s Day in memory assisted living. There are activities like family visits, shared meals, and giving personal gifts to create a warm and friendly atmosphere for the residents.

Alternatively, family members can organize storytelling sessions, where residents share their favorite memories, help build connections, and keep minds active. Residents can also enjoy making handmade cards or decorations. By focusing on love and appreciation, these activities help residents feel special and connected on this important day.


Activities for Dads in Memory Assisted Living

If you have a dad or granddad in memory assisted living facilities, then it is important to understand that it can be quite challenging for you and your family. Your father with dementia may fail to know your family, and it can be hard to celebrate occasions together as a family.

But that doesn’t mean you must give up the idea of spending quality time with your dad. Here are wonderful activities you can try with your father.

  • Watch a classic film with Dad.
  • Play board games
  • Play cards
  • Coloring books for the occasion
  • Go on a road trip

Even if Dad has dementia, there are still so many things that you can do with him on Father’s Day. You can begin by reliving childhood memories or pastimes together. That is because he might forget what he had for breakfast but still recall his distant past with his long-term memory.

But if your father doesn’t respond to such activities, it is not a cause for discouragement. Being with someone with dementia can be difficult, which is why it is very important to practice self-care and get support from others.

Easy Gift Ideas

If you haven’t decided what to give your father on Father’s Day, perhaps it is time to think about the possible gifts he will cherish. That is because dads love thoughtful and useful gifts.

  • Customized gift baskets filled with things he can use and enjoy
  • A gift that can help him relax and unwind
  • Send a heartfelt letter or card
  • Keep him connected with some technology gifts
  • Custom photo album, blanket, calendar, or puzzle
  • Pretty creative jigsaw puzzles
  • Coloring books with illustrations
  • Easy-to-use CD player

Note that dementia is characterized by the loss of memory. If your father is among the 7% of seniors with this condition, then it can be hard for you to cope with. But you shouldn’t despair because there are always remedies that will make life easier for your dad and your family.

If you are going to celebrate this occasion with your main man and other father figures in your life, then you must be with him and make him feel special. Remember that celebrating Father’s Day in memory assisted living doesn’t mean it must be lavish because even the smallest gesture can make a dad smile.


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