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Summer Reading for Residents in Senior Housing Ashland NE

Being in senior housing Ashland NE can get lonely and isolating for some residents. Adjusting to a new environment without the constant presence of family can really make them miss life back home, but senior housing Ashland NE is also the safest place they could be. With summer now in full swing, there are a […]

5 Must-Reads for Residents in Nursing Homes for August

Technology may have overtaken the world, but the art of reading is one of those habits that it can never replace. This is especially true for seniors who live in nursing homes near me where reading has proven countless benefits that include better memory, sharper decision-making skills, and even the delayed onset of the symptoms […]

Spring into action by taking part in Earth Day activities all month long in Senior Housing | Ashland, NE

Earth Day has been celebrated annually since April 1970 to raise awareness on environmental protection and climate action. Through Earth Day, several legislations were passed including the Endangered Species Act, Clean Air Act, and Water Quality Improvement Act. Since then, Earth Day continues to be a significant event every year with hundreds of millions of […]