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Winter Reading List for Residents in Senior Housing

You may already know that it can be exciting to be living in senior housing. But going through the long winter months can be a bit much for seniors without something to keep them entertained. That is why it makes perfect sense to keep a collection of winter must-reads.


Reading is actually good for you. In fact, it is among the most engaging activities that people of all ages can do. Older adults can benefit from regular reading in terms of the mental as well as the physical aspect.


Benefits of reading for seniors in senior housing

Improved decision making

  • The negative impact of aging in decision-making can be mitigated with reading as it challenges the brain and improves analytical reasoning.

Reduces stress

  • The most common issues for older adults are anxiety and stress. Seniors can deal with stress in a simple way by reading books.

Overcome depression and loneliness

  • The elderly can have feelings of anxiety and stress, which can also be caused by being away from their family. Reading can help them unwind and relax, as it helps them overcome depression and loneliness.

Improved sleeping pattern

  • Reading a book at night can make falling asleep much easier particularly for older adults suffering from sleep disorders or insomnia.


Senior Housing Winter Must Reads


Here are winter must-reads that can help you decide which one will suit your current reading mood, interest, and taste.


Matching Configurations by Kyle Keyes

  • If you love science fiction adventure stories to keep you wanting more, then this book is just for you. This is the third volume of Keyes’ Quantum Roots series. But not that it also packs more humor than science, which is actually quite fun and exciting at the same time.


America’s Daughter by Maria Nhambu

  • One thing about this story is that it is more of an inspirational memoir. The main character comes from Tanzania and travels to the U.S. while dealing with deep struggles and adjusting to American life and culture until she managed to triumph.


Dueling Fates by Stephanie M. Allen

  • A story about royal families and magical kingdoms, the book, written by Allen, is full of adventure and action staged on stunning landscapes.


Samantha’s Revenge by Andrew R. Williams

  • This book is about magic and suspense which is great if you love an escape to a magical world. A science-fiction story perfect for the chilly winter season.


Murder On The Orient Express by Agatha Christie

  • A good way to spend the winter season is to read this suspense-thriller story that revolves around the mysterious death of a millionaire passenger murdered aboard the Orient Express.


The Shining by Stephen King

  • You can expect a great horror story only from the undisputed master himself. If you really can’t deny your taste for horror stories, there is a reason why this book became one of the best-sellers of all time.


If you are still looking for winter must-reads for the senior housing facility, perhaps this list can suffice as your go-to corner when you don’t want to be left out in the cold months.


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