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Tips for Celebrating Christmas in Senior Housing | Ashland NE

Christmas means spending more quality time with the people around you. Christmas is in the air and almost everyone’s tree is up. Isolation from loved ones can cause loneliness and depression for senior residents at senior housing Ashland NE. Health conditions, physical limitations, and health protocols complicate the idea of getting them to your Christmas celebration.

Fortunately, communities have adapted new ways traditions about spending time with your loved ones. Even if your loved one is not home, you can still share the spirit of giving, love, and hope.

Ways to Make Christmas Great in Senior Housing Ashland NE


Decorate Together

For seniors with dementia, it is best to ask facility caregivers for recommendations as too much decoration can be confusing. You may start with a low-key approach or simple decorations to see your loved one’s reaction.

But for seniors without cognitive problems, you can spend time and get creative together. Set up a mini tree in their room, a wreath on the door, and decor around the room.

Join Christmas Festivities Together

Most senior housing communities host pre-Christmas meals and activities where families of residents are invited. Join in the fun and get creative during the arts and crafts activity. It would be great to bring the whole family for the experience to be extra memorable.

Christmas Visit or Lunch Date

If family visits are now allowed in senior housing Ashland NE, then your loved one would be happy to see you. Ask a few members of the family to join you for a Christmas lunch or an afternoon snack at the facility.

Bring family treats, presents, and family Christmas stories to bring back the old times. If your loved one does not have dementia and you can take care of her/his physical needs, lunch at your favorite restaurant would be great.

Celebration From a Distance

If you are far away or unable to visit due to a hectic schedule, or health restrictions, organize a virtual Christmas get-together for everyone to join in as long as an Internet connection is available.

You can host a virtual Christmas lunch or dinner online for family members who cannot make it on the holidays. Organize a virtual exchange gift or something new to bring the family closer. Receiving packages and seeing familiar faces online will bring joy to your loved one in Richmont senior housing Ashland NE.

There is always something exciting and special about Christmas. Despite the ongoing obstacles caused by the pandemic which left families and residents in senior housing separated, there are still ways to connect.

When it is still not safe to travel or facilities do not accept visitors, virtual ways will bring the holiday joy.

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