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What to Pack When Moving to Independent Living for Seniors

Are you preparing to move an aging loved one into independent living for seniors? If so, it is vital to offer support as they make the transition towards this new phase of life.


Note that moving to a different living environment can be an overwhelming experience for anybody particularly for seniors. But looking on the bright side, it can promote independence among seniors.


Thus, it provides freedom making life easier in an assisted living community. This will also give your loved one more time to perform all the things he or she considers important.


Important things to prepare when moving


  • Home furnishings – These include artwork, bedding, framed photographs, keepsakes, kitchenware, lamps, and sofa.


Keeping the independent living for seniors as homelike as possible is a key component to success. Just make sure not to overpack his or her belongings.


  • Necessities – These may include small appliances, assistive devices, cleaning wipes, favorite books, magazines, radio, and television.


Depending on the facility, many of these things may be provided. Putting a list together of what will already be waiting for you upon arrival will help avoid having doubles.


  • Clothing – Comfortable clothing, formal outfit, jackets, pajamas, robe, socks, slippers, and shoes can be useful to navigate the different climates where your loved one will live.


This may be a good time to donate older items that won’t be of use anymore, or pass down more sentimental pieces to other family members.


  • Toiletries – These may include lotion, make-up, shampoo, soap, prescription and over-the-counter medication, razor, or toothbrush. Since most of them are provided in the independent living for seniors, you can filter which items need to be packed to avoid overpacking.


Procedure to follow before packing


Since moving into an independent living for seniors can be an overwhelming task, it important to follow a procedure to make it more conducive.


  • Declutter – Bring clothes that are commonly worn and not the ones you no longer wear. Have doubles of products such as toothbrush holders, laundry baskets, books, and odd containers? Keep one and donate another!


  • Categorize clothing – The possible categories include the ones you should keep, donate, and pass down.


The clothes you often use are the ones you should keep. Those that no longer make you feel good can be donated. The ones you cannot bring with to independent living for seniors but are sentimental can be passed down.


  • Valuable jewelry – It’s a good idea to leave the valuable pieces of jewelry with a relative and bring fashion jewelry only. If you need to bring valuable pieces, only those with sentimental value are advisable.


After finalizing the things to bring along with you, consider buying a new gear because you deserve to celebrate this new chapter of your life.


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