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A Look Inside Life at Assisted Living Facilities

Living with seniors can be more than just a challenge for some because you need to ensure that they get the daily dose of their medicine and that you can assist them in doing activities of daily living. But what if you can live without any of the concerns, while letting them experience a new life as they learn new skills or pick-up old hobbies? Well, that is what you can get when you consider assisted living for seniors. Seniors living in assisted living facilities will get long-term housing and care. In fact, even if the residents are generally active, they may need support for daily living activities, which include bathing, dressing, and using the comfort room.


That is why seniors can take advantage of personalized care, healthy meals, and a range of social activities that interest them. But of course, they can get a sense of community in a safe, residential environment.


Short background about assisted living


This concept was first implemented in 1981 after Park Place in Portland, Oregon started business for assisted living services. This gave way for various establishments to open their doors for personal care and board homes, group homes, and residential care homes.


So, the business came from various small private establishments to large not-for-profit to for-profit establishments. Most of them are apartment communities offering services on the basis of the needs of individual residents.


The services include housekeeping, housing, meals, socialization, and transportation. Optionally, other services include bathing help, dressing help, exercise classes, medication reminders, and physical therapy, among others.


Advantages of assisted living facilities


Individual care


A resident who requires more care will be assisted out of bed and into the bathroom. This will include turning of the shower, helping him or her get out of her night clothes and into the shower. Based on the service plan, the resident will get all the help that he or she needs.


Nutritious meals and opportunity for socialization


A resident is able to cook on their own but can walk into the dining area to eat with friends. Since the food is varied and nutritious, each day will be a day to look forward to. Moreover, the menus are designed by the dietitian, while meals are served just like see on the restaurants.


Enjoy activities nearby or at home


Daily programs include exercise, spiritual activities, and mind games. There are also seasonal fun activities to enjoy, such as carving or painting pumpkins. This will enhance the body, mind, and spirit of the residents as it stimulates mental, physical, and spiritual environment.


Accessible public and private areas


Assisted living facilities are accessible to persons with disability. This makes life easier for those with minor handicaps, including those with hip replacement. It can be a good place for residents recovering from debilitating conditions or illnesses like stroke.


Many other advantages are given to the residents, such as staff care, independent and group activities, and visitor hours.


Overall, scheduling a tour is always the best way to get a goo look at life on the inside.

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