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Qualities to Look Out for When Googling “Nursing Homes Near Me” in 2021

Nursing homes are your best bet when it comes to the quality of life and health of your parents and searching “nursing homes near me” might be your first move. The questing of “What makes a nursing home good enough” daunts us all.


In a successful nursing home, your parents will surely get high quality long-term care services, socialization with peers, and a secure place to live.


If you are one of the people wanting to know the good qualities of a nursing home near you and google has left your head spinning with information overload, then this blog if just what you are looking for.


Qualities of a good nursing home


Sense of community


It is important that the nursing home has highly trained staff members who interact with residents. Residents should be met with respect,  feel comfortable, and encouraged to socialize with others to optimize quality of life.


Comfortable environment


The nursing home must be clean without any lasting odors. It’s also important to have a non-confusing floor plan for easy navigation and so residents find becoming familiar and comfortable with the facility a non-daunting task.

Children, pets, and plants


When searching “nursing homes near me” it is important to chose places that are children and plant friendly. Visits from grandchildren bring many elderly people much joy and something to look forward to.


Having plants throughout a living space help serve as mood boosters and purify air and looking for places that allow visits from service animals is also a desirable bonus.

Service animals can provide a good sense of love, support, ad emotional stability for many living in assisted living.


Person-centered living


A good nursing home environment is working tirelessly to make sure needs and desires of residents are kept up with. They are humans after all, and have the right to dignity, respect, and purposeful living.


Skilled nursing care 24/7


Nurses must be able monitor the residents 24/7 including holidays. But they should not be overwhelmed to care for too many residents, so a larger line of staff can oftentimes be a bonus to residents.


Outdoor spaces


Sometimes we all just need a breath of fresh are. Nursing homes with adequate outdoor spaces and activities are always good to look for.


Something to keep in mind when viewing outdoor spaces in a facility is the accommodations and accessibility offered to ensure all residents receive the same treatment and opportunities in terms of getting outside easily and safely.


Range of activities


Different social, physical, and instructive activities will surely attract residents. Having access to guided activities is a huge plus for those in nursing homes, especially when dealing with memory care.


Some mindful activities to look for include baking, bingo, card games, and painting, among others.


Nutritious food


Appealing, healthy, and well-balanced meals are a must-have in nursing homes near me. Staff must be able monitor the nutritional intake and should be responsible for informing relatives or the doctor if a resident is not eating properly or showing significant change in appetite.




Amenities are can be overlooked but are equally important as the prior items on this list. Some good ones to look out for include fitness rooms and trainers, medical spaces, libraries, and game rooms to name a few.


Family visitations


Family members must be able to visit the resident all the time. It is important for residents to not feel abandoned by family members.


Ensuring that loved ones can drop by as they please is an important factor in keeping the resident happy and secure.


Quality nursing homes are in massive demand nowadays. In fact, there is an anticipated increase in long-term care for seniors by 2030. Thus, it is important to know what to look for when searching for nursing homes near me.


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