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Tips on How to Find the Best Nursing Home

It could be a difficult process to find a nursing home close by for yourself or a family member these days. This might even be a new emotional and financial crisis for all involved, but this could also be an opportunity to make a better decision for those who are well prepared.



Nursing Homes 

Basically, nursing homes offer 24-hour safety monitoring, advanced onsite medical care, and daily living assistance for their residents. On top of that, they also sponsor social interactions, which include art classes, birthday parties, cooking classes, and even movie nights.



Standard Nursing Home Benefits 

  • Help with activities of daily living, which include bathing and dressing
  • Laundry and housekeeping
  • Management of medication
  • Private and semi-private rooms
  • 3-cooked meals a day
  • Variety of therapies, such as memory, physical, and speech therapy
  • Social activity calendar



Although there are some common points, nursing homes have many variations. In fact, some have adopted qualities of centers for an assisted living facility.



Begin the Search 

Perhaps the most potent way of searching for potential nursing homes nearby is to ask for help.


  • Ask your family members, clergy, friends, neighbors, or your doctor regarding their experiences with nursing homes.
  • Try to approach the discharge planner of a hospital or ask a social worker for any recommendations.
  • You can also call a social service agency and converse with the case manager regarding possible choices for nursing homes.
  • You may also contact a local agency for aging regarding recommendations.



Pick the Right Nursing Home 

After doing the steps earlier, you should take a trip to visit the site that seems promising to you. At the same time, try to formulate questions such that is written on the list below.


  • Is the staff friendly and respectful?
  • Is the nursing home tidy?
  • Are they offering social, cultural, recreational, and religious activities that would be of interest to you?
  • Is it possible for you to select your bathing, bed, or waking times?
  • Is it possible for you to get food or drinks anytime?
  • Are you able to have visitors as you please?
  • Is it allowed for you to have a pet?
  • Is there any transportation provided?
  • How is privacy observed there?
  • Is it allowed for you to decorate your room as you please?
  • Is there any good natural lighting?
  • Is the room equipped with telephone or TV?



Quality of Care 

Basically, nursing homes should meet 150 requirements that range from food storage to security, from physical to mental abuse. Thus, you need to have a copy of the care plan you are going to enjoy. This may be based on your health information in which an assessment will be done on the first 14 days and at least every 90 days thereafter.




Finally, you need to decide if the nursing home is indeed best for senior care. This is because nursing homes are fast becoming similar to assisted living facilities. As a matter of fact, there are those that look around for nursing homes but end up finding assisted living as a much better choice.




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