Independent Living for Seniors

Common Concerns with Nursing Homes

Many seniors have the fear of going to a geriatric facility. There are those that are particularly wary of nursing homes.



There are many reasons behind this. But more often than not it stems from the stigma that nursing homes have. There’s this thinking that it’s the place you go to when there’s no family left to take care of you. A place of last resort, you might say.



While nursing homes do cater to seniors in this position it offers so much more. This article will discuss some of the most common fears about this type of geriatric community and how it promotes living independently.



Before jumping into all that, a quick definition of nursing homes.



The Advantage of Nursing Homes

A nursing home shares all the traits of a standard care home. But you have the added advantage of a facility that’s supervised and staffed by registered nurses 24/7. They are much better trained to recognize symptoms and changes in a person’s condition, so are better qualified to decide when to call a doctor or other health professionals.


The amenities in a nursing home are also typically better than a care home. Aside from having highly trained medical staff, a nursing home is equipped with specialist beds and a range of equipment for moving and handling people.


Overall, a nursing home is ideal for seniors who have a severe medical condition or severe mobile difficulties.



Common Fears


“I’ll have nothing to do.”


Today’s senior living communities have a wide range of activities that will leave you with no time to be bored. Not only will it keep you occupied, but having all these options promote independent living.



You’ll find a whole range of things to do. There are field trips, fitness classes, and continuing education programs.



“I’ll feel old and get sick faster”


It’s isolation that often leads to anxiety and depression. The social contact you get from living in a senior community is the key to better health and a better quality of life overall. If a senior is already ill with a certain disease, a nursing home will be able to offer specialized treatment.



For example, someone suffering from Alzheimer’s can be given memory care that includes daily stimulation, planned activities and customized care, all of which can actually slow down the progress of an illness or even improve health and behavior.



“I’ll lose my independence”


Geriatric communities promote the opposite of this. In fact, the goal is to empower seniors by providing an environment that promotes independent living. If you don’t require frequent medical care, you can opt out of a nursing home and choose an IL or independent living facility.



Here you’ll get help with chores that become more onerous over time like cleaning and cooking. You get greater freedom with the precious time you do have. Senior communities also provide ample opportunity for social activities on-site as well as transportation around the area when you need it.




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