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The Basics of Long-Term Care Insurance

It’s a fact that long-term care is going to be expensive. Sending a loved one to be cared for in assisted living facilities can cost over $80,000 in a single year. The amount being paid stresses the need for long-term care (LTC) insurance.



Long-Term Care Insurance: A Brief Explanation


To have a healthy retirement, preparing for health care expenses is important. An accident or illness can happen in old age. Plus, the effects of aging also bring with it its own set of problems. All of these can contribute to unwanted medical costs.


However, getting long-term care insurance is one way to ensure that expenses during old age won’t result in a financial drain. Older loved ones deserve only the best in retirement, but the body can be tricky to deal with.


There are different LTC policies to choose from. A Traditional LTC can pay for any form of care, including those rendered in assisted living facilities.


On the other hand, hybrid policies are also available. Usually, these are life insurance policies or annuities that have an LTC benefit.


While it is important to have this kind of insurance, it’s equally important to consider the best policy that fits the needs of a loved one. If this kind of coverage is preferred, shopping for the right option should commence around the ages of 45 and 55.



Long-Term Care Insurance: The Necessity


Is LTC insurance absolutely necessary? The short answer is yes. A more detailed answer will require looking into its particular benefits.



Many of the elderly can’t rely on their children or other family members for support


Retirement age is supposed to be a time of fun and doing things one couldn’t have done while holding down a job. However, health issues can put an end to all merriment. An accident or an illness can result in a loved one needing 24/7 care. Since it’s difficult for children with full-time jobs to care for an elderly parent, sending them to a facility for proper care is definitely an option. LTC insurance guarantees that money saved up by a loved one will be used solely for their pleasure, not for their medical expenses.



The premium from LTC coverage is tax deductible


This is largely dependent on the age of the person being insured but premiums are usually tax deductible.



Long-Term Care Insurance: Making a Choice


When choosing an LTC policy, it’s best to consider several factors before making a final decision. It’s not enough to just have LTC insurance; it’s equally important to have one that is the right fit.


In choosing an LTC, it’s important to select an insurer that is reputable. It’s not that difficult to find a top-rated insurer – a search on the web can yield many results.



The elderly deserve to enjoy retirement. This is the time to fully take advantage of what has been labored for many years. However, the body can have plans of its own. Whether it be an accident or illness, it helps to be prepared to avoid spending hard-earned money for medical expenses. For long term care, assisted living facilities to provide an excellent option for elderly family members.




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