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Why Keeping Active as You Age Is Important

Among the things, that you can do when you think about caring for your aging, loved one is to encourage him or her to exercise. Not only will this be good to strengthen the body, but also to reinforce social relationships, improve the memory, and prevent depression.




Social Activity


Exercise is an activity that many people in senior housing consider a social event. In fact, this can give a chance for them to connect with other seniors such as water aerobics. At the same time, it can help a walking group to catch up on exercise and get informed about the most recent social updates. If you encourage seniors to stay active, then you are motivating him or her to live a healthy social life.




Improve the Mood


You should know that exercise have a positive impact on mood and disposition. In fact, it can release mood-boosting endorphins to help you feel less depressed. If an aging loved one is having trouble with senior living due to depression or mood swings, then encourage him or her to redirect negative thoughts through exercise. You can do this by providing a great deal of support.




Improve Strength and Mobility


Among the most important tasks for older adults is to keep the body strong. The best thing that you can do to boost mobility and strength is to exercise regularly. If seniors just sit around most of the time, they can have a greater chance to suffer from atrophied muscles, trouble breathing, walking, poor blood flow, unsteady balance, and other similar physical problems.



You can help get him or her out of the couch and moving can help with such an issue. Even short walks for a few minutes daily can benefit those in senior housing communities to improve their mobility.




Increase Mental Capacity


Physical activity can reduce the process of mental decline. This is because your body parts, including your brain, can receive more blood flow when you are physically active. Moreover, blood flow will encourage cell growth. When you are able to encourage your elderly to stay active in life in a senior living community, then you are promoting improved cognitive functioning and better mental health.




Improves Healing


When a person ages, the healing process of the body when ill will take longer compared when you were younger. Nevertheless, exercise can help you with this type of dilemma. In fact, active adults may be able to heal as much as 25% faster compared to those who do not exercise. If you want to improve the healing process of your elderly loved one then start an exercise program now.




Final Thoughts


  • Exercise can improve the overall aspects of the lives of those in senior housing, which include cognitive functioning, physical strength, and social interaction.
  • It can also prevent serious physical as well as emotional problems, including chronic conditions, depression, and memory decline.
  • You should encourage your senior loved one to stay active and help them enjoy their golden years more fully without troublesome physical complaints.


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