Memory Assisted Living

Different Types of Senior Housing Options

A senior living community encompasses various sectors of senior communities. Generally, it includes different types of senior housing and care facilities. Such would include assisted living, care homes, independent living, memory care, nursing homes, and retirement communities. Independent living is just a subheading for a specific type of senior living facility. Here are different senior living options available for specific needs.



Assisted Living


This senior living option is intended for seniors who may need help with daily activities. However, seniors are given freedom when it comes to choices of activities, entertainment, and meal options. Although it can be similar to complexes in apartments with shared common areas, each housing type varies from one community to another. Costs may differ on the basis of the location, size of housing, and the types of services required.



Care Homes


Care homes offer room and board with assistance in terms of activities of daily living. They are also referred to as board and care homes, adult family homes, and personal care or residential homes. Thus, they are more personal compared to other facilities in which they would have their own rooms while sharing common areas.


At the same time, residents are allowed to have pets, while couples can live together in a single room. Basically, care homes are intended for those with mental disabilities. However, they are not mobile and may not need help with daily living activities.



Memory Care


Memory or Alzheimer’s care is basically treated in a nursing home or assisted living facilities with residents living in their own floor or wing. This will provide services for people with memory illnesses like dementia or Alzheimer’s. Housekeeping, laundry, and meal preparation are the basic services for daily living, including the higher level of assistance. Moreover, alarms on doors, safety protocols, and other methods are applied to make sure of their safety.



Nursing Homes


When it comes to 24-hour medical care for seniors, nursing homes would be the best fit. This facility would also provide services to assist residents with their personal needs, such as bathing, dressing, eating, and toileting. Services offered in such facilities are housekeeping, laundry, preparation for meals, transport services, and some other skilled nursing services.



Retirement Communities


There are many types of retirement options offered by retirement communities. Such would include continuing care communities, independent living communities, senior apartments, and retirement communities. Generally, such senior housing facilities are intended for active seniors who require little to no assistance at all.


Basically, senior apartments are simply clusters of buildings sharing common areas, which usually do not offer any assistance. This is also a great option for seniors who do not want to worry about homeownership. Continuing care communities offer services starting with hospice care to independent living. This also includes care that you will have to get as long as you live there.



If you care about your loved ones, it is always important to keep them safe and cared for, which can be ultimately enjoyed in senior housing facilities.



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