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5 Tips that Ease the Transition to Assisted Living

The decision to move a loved one to an assisted living community is never easy. While you don’t want them to be far away, you know that assisted living is the best place for them because they will have someone to attend to their needs and help them maintain their quality of life during their senior years.



But if it’s difficult for you, it is more difficult for the person who’s moving into an assisted living facility because it is a big step away from their comfort zone. To help ease the transition to assisted living, here are five tips that you can follow:




Work with a Team


You will need all the help that you can get during this time, so get everyone on board. Contact family members loved ones and even friends and delegate tasks to them—from visiting potential assisted care living facilities near you to packing things and doing groceries.




Give your Loved One some Time to Pack


Packing can be very emotional for a loved one moving into assisted living because it brings back a lot of memories. So, make sure that you give your loved one some time to go through their things, reminisce and choose which ones to take with them to their new home. Listen to stories, address concerns and be patient as they pack. Be as supportive as you can and stay respectful at all times to not cause any stress to your loved one.




Involve your loved one in the Decision-Making Process


Loss of independence is one of the biggest worries of seniors moving into assisted living facilities. So, make sure that you involve your loved one in the decision-making process regarding their care. Look at facilities together, ask for feedback, talk about your patient’s concerns and always inform them of any decisions.




Bring a Piece of Home into the Facility


Moving to a new place can be very difficult for elderly people because they tend to be attached to their belongings. To make the transition easier, you can bring items from their old home to the assisted living facility so they can still feel at home.



You can even recreate their bedroom using accessories that were part of their room for many years. Make sure to include photographs, books, and candles that they love for that extra homey feel.




Be Present


During the first few days of staying in the assisted living facility, your loved one may feel that he has been abandoned. To make them feel secure, try to visit as often as possible and while you’re there, find activities that you can do with your loved one.



It could be as simple as working on a puzzle or starting a workout routine together. Being present makes your loved one feel more secure knowing that he is not forgotten and will always be loved by you.




Are you ready to finally take that step to move your loved one into the best place for them to enjoy their senior years?




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