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How To Incorporate The 2021 Theme of National Assisted Living Week in your Celebrations

The year’s National Assisted Living Week celebration’s theme is compassion, community, and caring. The annual celebration helps highlight the dedication and hard work done by staff and caregivers. September 11th through September 18th are great days to plan activities and events for residents, staff, and family.


Compassion in this industry is essential to be able to provide adequate care to senior adults. Understanding and appreciation run deeps in caregivers and staff.

Being compassionate is not only beneficial to senior residents but also the staff and caregivers. Compassion in this industry makes for a highly effective team. It boosts morale and maintains residents’ safety and satisfaction.

Compassion positively transforms the lives of the caregivers, staff, and residents by creating a happy and safe space.


Relationships change as we age due to multiple reasons. And friendship changes as you retire; moving to a different state or deciding to go on assisted living. But relationship building should continue despite retirement or other challenges.

Do not forget to get in touch with former colleagues, previous neighbors, and old friends. And make sure to build new relationships with other senior residents, staff, and caregivers of all ages.

Relationships will not only keep you in touch with the world but also can be a great source of emotional and mental support.

Assisted living facilities are perfect places to build a strong sense of community. Various programs and activities where you can participate and engage can promote camaraderie at the same time improve your overall well-being.


Getting old is part of life’s journey. It can be challenging since most senior adults have chronic illnesses that need special care and attention. Considering that it is a crucial phase in a man’s life, seniors need care to still live a comfortable life.

As the person grows older, the mental stability weakens, and the physical strength degenerates. When left unattended, senior adults will feel unloved, rejected, and depressed thus, love, care, and affection must be given to older loved ones.

People in assisted living facilities are equipped with the knowledge, experience, and understanding on how to provide care and comfort for the elderly.

Deciding to put your loved one in an elderly facility may be emotionally challenging but with the efficient and caring services they provide, it will be a beneficial decision.

This year’s celebration may be different from previous years because of the health and safety guidelines. There are still ways to incorporate this year’s theme in your celebrations.

You can organize awards and recognition activities, gift-giving, best-dressed awards, fun facts, and trivia all focused on the primary caregivers and staff.

These activities may be simple but all are to honor and recognize the staff, nurses, caregivers, primary care providers, and the entire workforce who helped the assisted living community.

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