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Answering Our Most Asked Questions about Moving into Independent Living for Seniors

There’s a lot of questions about independent living for seniors today, especially with the growing elderly population in the country.

Whether it’s a loved one trying to research nursing care options or a family who want to move a loved one to independent living, we answer some of your most asked questions about independent living for seniors:

What is independent living for seniors?

When it comes to choosing housing options for seniors, assisted living, nursing homes, and memory care are the more popular choices. But independent living for seniors is also a smart choice if you or a loved one wishes to live independently while having access to conveniences like dining, housekeeping, and transportation.

If you can do your activities of daily living and you just want to live somewhere safe and convenient, this would be the perfect choice for you.

How do I choose the right community?

Your choice for an independent living community will depend on your needs, preferences, and budget. Before you can decide on the right community, you need to evaluate your needs first. You should also think about the lifestyle that you’d want once you’re in independent living.

Do you want to be in an apartment rental, or do you prefer to be in a typical home setting? Would you want a community with many sports and fitness activities? Will you need a place that will serve you scheduled meals? Make a list of your needs and wants to help you find the right community to choose.

How do I get started with my journey?

We encourage you to visit our facility at Richmont Senior Living first. This will give you a glimpse of our community and we can also explain to you the features that you’ll get to enjoy when you choose to live with us. Book your time for the visit and we’ll be glad to answer your inquiries about our independent living for seniors.

Am I required to participate in all the activities?

No, you’re not. Here at Richmont Senior Living, we give full independence to our residents on whether they will participate in the activities or not.

We respect your preferences and the kind of lifestyle that you want for yourself. We’ll be here to assist you if you need anything. We also offer activities to help keep you active during your stay with us.

What are the activities that you offer for independent living?

Here at Richmont Senior Living, we always give our residents the freedom to choose the activities that they can enjoy. We create personalized activities that cover the five primary areas of wellbeing including physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual aspects.

At Richmont, we’ll make sure you have activities that promote a better lifestyle. We want you to enjoy the best years of your life with us.

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