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How to Make New Friends in Memory Assisted Living

Old age should not stop you from making new friends. Moving into memory assisted living can be a perfect opportunity to meet new friends since you have more time to socialize.

Friendship can give positive impacts on your health and well-being. Friends can give you moral and emotional support during bad times. Friends are also there to cheer for you in success and happiness.

While moving into memory assisted living can trigger stress, anxiety, and loneliness, it is also an opportunity to build new and meaningful connections.

Benefits of Social Life

The thought of moving into a senior housing facility can be intimidating. Giving away your other belongings and packing only what’s essential for you can be depressing.

Starting in a new place with no acquaintance at all can be intimidating. This may be true, but only for the first few months. Moving to a new place can also be fun and exciting. In the long run, the move can be a meaningful experience once you start making new friends.

  • Friendship can reduce stress
  • It boosts happiness
  • It gives you a sense of belonging
  • Support from friends help you recover from personal issues like chronic illnesses, loneliness, depression, divorce, or death of a loved one
  • Friends can help you realize the risks of an unhealthy lifestyle. Friends encourage you to try different lifestyle approaches towards a healthier well-being.
  • With more support, friendships tend to give you longer and meaningful life, improved physical and mental health.

Forming New Friends in Memory Assisted Living

Attend Events

Most memory and senior living communities have a dynamic calendar of activities and events almost every day for their residents. Look for groups, clubs, or activities that interest you.

Make it a point to be at these events regularly. This way, you will meet new friends of the same interest.

Mingle With New Residents

There may be a new resident every day. So, make it a point to meet new residents or those that moved in after you.

Seeking out new residents like you will help you both in terms of coping in the new environment, learning the ropes in your new home at the same time joining activities together.

Bring a Friend

You can ask for your son or daughter’s time to join you in your chosen activities. Doing so helps you get comfortable while they can help you initiate the conversation with other residents.

Go Out and Socialize

Go out and say hello to other residents in the memory assisted living facility that you are in. Visit the lounge and ask other residents to play board or card games.

Be Patient

Do not stress yourself out in making new friends. It may take time but it will happen eventually. For now, just relax as you adjust to your new environment.

But do not forget to stop and say hello. Greet other residents and smile.  Other residents will recognize and like you in the long run. The simple hellos will then become conversations. Before you know it, you now have new friends.


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