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Ways to Prepare for Summer in Independent Living for Seniors

Summer is a time for travel, family, and fun for many Americans. Following the COVID-19 travel bans, people have had to alter many of their usual summer activities, including those in independent living for seniors.


This year as restrictions are slowly lifting, many people are looking forward to enjoying the summer and make up for the time lost. But since the pandemic is far from over yet, people are always reminded to stay safe and be mindful of the guidelines when planning their summer this year.


Residents can spend the summer outdoors


Going outside will encourage light exercise and promote socialization. It is in fact important to maintain a healthy senior lifestyle. Thus, seniors can pick from a handful of great outdoor activities that should be easy for caregivers to arrange.


But seniors need to be consulted if they are comfortable going outside because some of them might suffer from allergies that need to be given extra care. Since travel is not possible for seniors, spending time outdoors must be done according to COVID-19 protocols.


Seniors can go outdoors safely during pandemic


It is actually beneficial for everyone to spend time outdoors to boost the mental and physical health. If elders in independent living for seniors are going outdoors for a healthy routine, they need to follow the basic safety guidelines as specified by the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention to make the time outdoors even more fun and responsible.


  • Always follow daily sanitation and safety measures
  • Practice physical distancing and stay close to independent living for seniors
  • Choose safe outdoor activities seniors can do during the pandemic

Outdoor activities seniors can do during pandemic


Going outdoors is vital to improve your physical and mental well-being. Here are possible outdoor activities that independent living for seniors can manage to provide their residents during the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Explore the surroundings and discover the natural beauty in the area
  • Take a nature walk
  • Spend time for a bike ride
  • Camp at a nearby space such as the backyard
  • Go out for a run
  • Visit a local park to unwind


Tips for residents to follow when going outside


Above all else, older adults are at greater risk of dying or requiring hospitalization if diagnosed with the COVID-19 disease. Moreover, the risk for severe illness with COVID-19 increases with age and older adults are at a much higher risk.


It is also important to note that certain medical conditions can also heighten the risk for severe illness. At the same time, people who come in contact, live, or visit them in independent living for seniors need to take precautions to get protection against transmission.


Here are reminders for seniors to make the summer even more fun and exciting outdoors:


  • Practice social distancing
  • Wear a face mask
  • Visit recreation facility or park close to independent living for seniors
  • Bring hand sanitizer
  • Do not touch any outdoor equipment or surface
  • Review the local guidelines and rules about going out for the summer

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