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The Ultimate Summer Checklist for Every Senior Housing Resident

Everyone’s favorite season is almost here and you are probably one of those who are excited to go out and have some much-needed time under the sun. The summer is also a perfect time to move to senior housing because you’ll have time to bond with your family, pack your things, and get settled in, all while the weather is at its best.

To make things easier, here are two checklists that you can follow when spending time outdoors and finally moving into your new senior housing home.

The Ultimate Summer Checklist For Senior Housing Residents:


Keep your sunscreen close.

  • Although having some vitamin D is great, too much sun exposure can also be dangerous to your skin, which is why it’s important to wear sunscreen all the time.

Keep yourself hydrated.

  • Whether it’s going out to the beach or just spending time in the backyard with family before moving, you need to drink water regularly to prevent dehydration that could be dangerous for your health.

Wear those sunglasses.

  • It is very important to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays by always wearing sunglasses whenever you’re out.

Wear the right clothes.

  • Since the weather is hotter than usual, it is best to go for light clothes that allow you to stay comfortable when you’re out under the sun.

The ultimate senior housing moving checklist:


Pack your essentials for Senior Housing.

  • Moving in the summer means that you will have time to enjoy some outdoor activities in your new senior housing home. Therefore it’s best to pack some essentials like towels, sunscreen, a water bottle, and even a good book to read while you’re getting that tan.

Bring in your own house plant.

  • Moving into senior housing does not mean living in a boring space. In fact, you have the freedom to personalize your room so that it still looks and feels like home.

If you are moving in the summer, it’s best to bring your own house plant to make your room feel cozy and warm. You can choose from plants like kalanchoe, aloe vera, jade plant, and garden croton that are great for both indoors and outdoors.

Pack some snacks and beverages.

  • Moving into senior housing does not mean parting with your favorite snacks and beverages. If you’re moving during the summertime, it’s very important to pack all your favorites so you have something to enjoy when relaxing outdoors. You can also ask your family to bring you fruits to add to your diet during the summer.

Finally, you cannot forget to pack all the items that remind you of home. While you will be living in a completely different environment, you can still make your room feel like home by bringing things that remind you of your own living space.


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