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Spring into action by taking part in Earth Day activities all month long in Senior Housing | Ashland, NE

Earth Day has been celebrated annually since April 1970 to raise awareness on environmental protection and climate action. Through Earth Day, several legislations were passed including the Endangered Species Act, Clean Air Act, and Water Quality Improvement Act.

Since then, Earth Day continues to be a significant event every year with hundreds of millions of people from different countries taking part in Earth Day activities, all urging to call to action to save Mother Earth.

Just like everyone else, adults in their senior years can still show their support in environmental consciousness efforts. Residents in senior housing communities, like Richmont Senior Living in Ashland, NE, can contribute and help save the Earth.

Things You Can Do in Senior Living Facilities

There are plenty of things you can do or change to lessen the harmful effects on the environment.

Make a Garden

You can organize an activity for senior residents to tend to the facility’s existing garden by planting seasonal blooms. Or make a garden if space will allow to add brilliant colors and textures to your environment.

If space is not an option, make use of empty soda or water bottle containers for residents to plant their own perennials that can make their private spaces beautiful.

Conserve Water

Conduct inspection of the facility’s water system to check leaky faucets or pipes. Little things like this can go a long way to keep wetland inhabitants sheltered. Besides, water conservation is essential to have enough supply during the drought season.

Lastly, encourage senior housing residents in Ashland, NE to use water wisely; switching off the water while brushing teeth or better yet use drinking glasses to avoid unnecessary wastage. Save water in the kitchen, save water in the bathroom, the garden, every day.

Eliminate the Use of Plastic Utensils

It would be best to ditch plastic utensils and switch to using silverware. Plastic straws, forks, spoons, and disposable drinking glasses take hundreds of years to decompose in a landfill contributing to the accumulated plastic pollution causing the death of land and marine animals.

Personalized Drinking Mugs or Cups

Organize an art day where senior housing residents can decorate their own drinking mug or coffee cup that they can use moving forward instead of disposable or Styrofoam cups.

Cloth Tote Bags

Provide residents with plain cloth tote bags that they can beautify so they do not have to use plastic bags to the grocery. The same tote bags are useful for residents with walkers to help store essentials.

Start a Compost Pit

Put all your biodegradable waste to good use by practicing composting. This will not only help your plants absorb and retain nutrients and moisture but composting is another way of conserving water due to the soil’s water retention.

Support Local

Make it a habit to buy your food supplies from your local farmer’s market. You do not only get the freshest produce and helping small businesses to survive but also eliminate the additional waste from packaging and such.

When it comes to saving the Earth, no task is too small. Encourage residents in senior housing, and everywhere, to implement ideas like these into everyday life.


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