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The Best Time to Move to Assisted Living

Navigating life’s decisions as we age can be an overwhelming, intimidating, and daunting feeling. Add to that the challenges one must deal with involving decisions on health, independence, and such as the years march on. One of those decisions is knowing when to move into assisted living.

While it is understood that the journey can be stressful and confusing, it is also an opportunity to meet new friends, socialize, get professional help, and enjoy independence.

Below are useful details that can help you appreciate this new beginning and make the transition lighter and easier.

When is the right time to move in?

Determining the right time for you or your loved ones can be difficult given that you cannot spend more time with them like you used to. Even if you want or a family member to stay home, essentials steps must be taken to give him or her a healthier and safer retirement in assisted living.

A Decline in Health

With age, chronic diseases, cognitive problems, or serious health issues get worse, requiring professional healthcare assistance for proper management.

Chronic Loneliness

The feeling of isolation can cause depression linked to the development of serious health difficulties like dementia, heart diseases, increase blood pressure, extreme fatigue, muscle pains, and breathing problems. Depression is also connected to unhealthy habits like medication abuse and smoking.

Poor Hygiene

Aging along with body and muscle pains tend to make senior adults lazy or afraid to bathe. Proper hygiene contributes to overall health and wellness, making bad body odor, messy hair, and infrequent bathing indicators that it is time to check into assisted living.

Financial Mismanagement

Many senior adults living on their own cannot keep up with their bills which results in piling debts. Besides, seniors are more likely to fall prey to financial scams putting their finances at risk.

Unkept House and Poor Nutrition

Housekeeping, grocery shopping, and cooking can be a challenge for the elderly due to general effects of aging.

In a senior living facility, laundry, room cleaning, maintenance, prepared meals, and snacks are available all the time.

Springtime is the best time

Spring is the best time to move into assisted living. Spring means new beginnings and it is fitting to take advantage of the much colder weather compared to summer.

Things are coming to life, flowers are blooming, and many trees are blossoming. The view and green scent of spring will make it a little easier to prepare and move into assisted living.

With vaccines rolling out, which 90% of adults will be eligible for by April 9, you will have that extra layer of security to keep yourself protected.

Along with mask wearing, physical distancing, and frequent hand washing, you can still socialize; meet new friends in your chosen assisted living facility. Enjoy your retirement and the spring weather in a much better and secure environment.


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