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How Senior Housing Promotes Good Quality of Life

It is happening: the American population is growing older. The number of older adults is projected to reach an astounding 94.7 million from 56 million. That’s a 69% increase in the elderly population of the United States. This means that senior housing will be increasingly in demand, as more seniors would choose to live in a more secure and safe community where they could spend the best of their later years. But how exactly does senior housing promote a better quality of life?


An Opportunity for Social Interaction

In 2010, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine revealed that spending time with family and friends and enjoying the right leisure activities with them actually helps keep cognitive function longer.

On the other hand, isolation and loneliness usually lead to depression and early mortality among the elderly, according to a research study from the University of Chicago.

One of the primary goals of any senior housing community is to promote social interaction among its residents. This is done through activities that encourage socialization within the community and with visiting loved ones including communal art classes, games, and hobbies that allow residents to engage in meaningful conversations with other people.

It has been proven to help boost their mood and keep them healthier for a longer time.


Safe Environment for Seniors to Live in

Safety is one of the biggest concerns of loved ones living with seniors. But with senior housing, these worries are eliminated because independent and assisted living communities always prioritize the health and safety of their residents.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries among adults 65 years and older. This is why senior housing communities always make sure that their buildings are designed for mobility and accessibility among seniors by adding hand railings, grab bars, raised toilets, and other precautions to prevent falls among residents.

Independent and assisted living communities also hire security companies to protect residents from break-ins and alarm systems are installed around the facilities for the peace of mind of both the residents and their loved ones.


A Better Lifestyle for Seniors

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of living in senior housing is the opportunity to live the best lifestyle possible. These communities offer different opportunities for residents to enjoy their life without worrying about daily chores.

For instance, they don’t need to cook for themselves because these communities will take care of preparing nutritious meals that meet their dietary needs and consider their food restrictions.

They can also get assistance with activities of daily living if they have difficulty performing them on their own and they can focus on doing what they love without worrying about running a household.

So if you have a loved one who’s about to enter retirement, a senior housing community is definitely a great choice to give them the quality of life that they deserve.


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