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March Reading List for Assisted Living Residents

Reading improves communication skills and enhances memory. It is also said that reading boosts mental health at the same time reduces stress. Reading is entertaining while providing numerous benefits, especially for seniors in assisted living.

Every season deserves a new book.  A new book to read while enjoying the warm sunshine outside is a great way to welcome spring.

The Best Books of Spring 2022

Take your pick from the season’s new releases that will make you temporarily forget the world outside and enjoy life in assisted living.

When She Was Good

If you have read Good Girl, Bad Girl, this book is the latest addition to the Cyrus Haven book series. Criminal psychologists Cyrus Haven and Evie Cormac make a comeback in this new thriller.

The story revolves around Evie Cormac, who was found hidden in a cupboard after a terrible crime happened. No was came forward to identify Evie and she does not appear in the missing children list. So, Cyrus Haven made it a mission to dig deeper, find out who is Evie and what happened to her.

When She Was Good draws readers who want to know Evie’s past and if Cyrus Haven will be able to uncover her dark history.

Tell No One

The book tells the story of childhood sweethearts Dr. David Beck and his wife Elizabeth who celebrated their anniversary in the quiet of Lake Charmaine. Tragedy happens when Elizabeth was abducted, murdered, and body found in a watercourse. Has he moved on? Who killed Elizabeth? Will he find the truth?

Local Woman Missing

This psychological mystery book talks about the missing women in a small town that is very safe to live in. The string of disappearances starts with young mom Shelby Tebow. A few weeks later, Shelby’s daughter Delilah disappeared also. But 11 years after, Delilah came back after a successful escape from the couple who abducted her. But is she Delilah? What happened to Shelby?


Verity is about Lowen Ashleigh, a writer who is offered to complete the last three novels of author Verity Crawford who is unable to finish the series due to an injury.

Lowen uncovered an autobiographical manuscript by Verity containing Verity’s dark secrets including the truth about the death of her daughters. Loren decided to keep the manuscript and later realized she is attracted to Verity’s husband Jeremy.

Is she going to use the manuscript against Verity so she can have Jeremy?

It Ends With Us

It Ends With Us is a romance novel about Lily, a young woman who is eager to start her life after college. Lily meets Ryle and fell in love with him. And just when she thinks everything is okay, her first love Atlas reappears.

Who will Lily choose?

Ugly Love

The story is about neighbors Tate and Miles who are mutually attracted to each other but don’t
want love and have no time for love. Instead, the two agreed to have friends with benefits set up. But Tate was OK with it but soon realized that it is harder than she thought.

Will she be able to resist Miles?


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