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How to Help Residents in Memory Assisted Living in Ashland NE Celebrate Valentine’s Day

We just celebrated New Year and now Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. With the love month upon us, the senior residents in memory assisted living Ashland NE must feel the love and care too. February 14 is the perfect occasion to show love and affection and spend quality time with senior loved ones.

Doing fun and engaging activities will help seniors temporarily forget the feeling of sadness when missing a friend, spouse, or family. Activities for seniors will not only boost their mood but also their overall wellness.

Ways Residents in Memory Assisted Living in Ashland NE Can Celebrate

Fun and Games

Kick off the love month celebration by making the environment more festive. It will not only make the facility more special and romantic but encourage creativity. Red balloons are the easiest décor to make. But you can add DIY kiss balloons, heart-shaped garlands, and floral hearts will memory assisted living Ashland NE with love.

Arrange a day where seniors can participate in fun games at the same time socialize with other residents. Try love-themed games and activities to match the mood of the celebration. But board games or word searches are great at stimulating memory.

Food To Share

Prepare your best recipe and share it with your fellow senior residents. Or make Valentine cookies or your favorite sweet treat to give to family and friends.

Romantic Movie Night

You can watch a romantic movie with a friend or schedule a group date with family. Prepare snacks together, then get cozy, and enjoy the movie.

Virtual Date

Valentine’s Day is a day for your loved ones and should only be filled with joyful feelings, reconnection, and love. Set up a virtual date for everyone to join in. This is the best solution for family members who live out of state or out of the county whom you have not seen for years.

With any device that can be connected to the Internet, the use of messaging app will make the virtual date convenient and easy. Reminisce family stories, catch up, and share things you’ve been up to these days.

How You Can Contribute to the Celebration

No matter how you would like to spend your Valentine in memory assisted living Ashland NE, there are ways you can do to make the celebration more meaningful.

First, if you are free at that time, the gift of time can bring so much happiness to a loved one in memory assisted facility. Let your kids participate by making handwritten notes or DIY cards to give to senior residents. Doing so will encourage your kids to be more creative while sharing the gift of love and time.

Baked sweet treats and bring them to facilities in Ashland for a more festive Valentine’s Day celebration.

Set up a gift-giving drive for your chosen memory assisted living Ashland NE. Bring gifts, DIY cards, arts & crafts, cash, or in-kind that the seniors can use every day.

Sharing your time, creativity, and support is greatly appreciated by residents in senior housing facilities, like Richmont Senior Living.

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