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What’s needed for a Memory Assisted Living Facility?

It is common to provide a convenient living space for people who are undergoing a progression into Alzheimer’s disease, including other forms of dementia. So, it is best to consider the level of care that patients will receive when families are seeking to choose an assisted living facility.



This is where memory care and assisted living comes into play. But memory care facilities often differ from assisted living facilities. In the event that you can’t find a place that offers both, here of their key differences:



Memory Care Units


  • This is an ideal option for people with dementia for a higher level of skilled supervision and care
  • Offers both private and shared living facilities
  • Provides 24-hour supervised care that is given by trained staff
  • Offers the same services as assisted living facilities
  • Provides activities to stimulate the memory of residents with Alzheimer’s and other dementias
  • Activities would include arts and crafts, games, and music, among others



Assisted Living Facilities


  • Provides supervision and care for Alzheimer’s patients in the middle-stage development
  • Individuals are given an assisted living space, particularly on a private apartment, private studio, or shared apartment
  • Availability of staff 24 hours a day to provide assistance
  • Provides management of medication, transportation to and from the doctor’s appointments, and social activities
  • Offers a way for residents to gather and eat meals at a dining hall



Nevertheless, patients can take advantage of both services at a facility like ours at Richmont Senior Living. Practically, patients can have memory assisted living spaces within these facilities.



Common Services Offered In Memory Care and Assisted Living


There might be some differences in state regulations when it comes to services offered in senior care communities. However, both would offer basic supervised care, help with daily activities, and medical monitoring. Moreover, they can also get other services in both memory assisted living facilities.


  • Medical care access
  • Emergency call systems
  • Health and exercise programs
  • Laundry service and housekeeping
  • Social programs and activities
  • Round-the-clock 24-hour per day security and staff supervision
  • 3 meals per day
  • Transportation assistance



You might be charged a little extra for some of the services offered here above the basic monthly rate.



Who Needs Assisted Living Facility


When your loved one is still showing signs that he or she is still relatively independent, and if dementia or Alzheimer’s is not an immediate concern, then you might choose an assisted living facility.



Who Needs Memory Care


Those who have complex care requirements that are accompanied by memory impairment may need to go to memory care facilities for immediate care. This is basically an assisted living community that would also include special care units for patients with dementia.



If you are going to consider memory assisted living for your loved one, then you should know what to expect. You may choose a facility that is just within your area so that it will be easier for other family members to visit loved ones as they please.



It might be a very difficult decision to consider memory care or assisted living facility for your loved ones. However, you can have peace of mind when you consider their health and well-being.




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