senior housing options

Different Options Available for Senior Housing

Are you confused with all the senior housing options out there? If your loved one or someone in your family needs housing or an assisted living facility, you can explore the senior housing options available for you.


Assessing Your Options

Since aging is a time for change and adaptation, planning for future housing needs is an essential part of improvement even as you get older. But regardless if you desire a lifestyle change or due to serious medical conditions, finding the right place can be both stressful and challenging for you and your family.

So the earlier you assess your current needs, the more options and control you will have.

However, the main point of making the best choice is to match your senior housing option with your financial needs, health, and lifestyle. You can either modify your own home to make it safer and more comfortable or you can move to a housing facility with more social options and support available on site.


Senior Housing Options


Aging In Place

Staying at home as you age is more advantageous if you want to keep a familiar place where you know the community and your neighbors. You can enjoy home care services and make home modifications or repairs so that life can be easier and safer.

    • Safe neighborhood
    • A close network of family, friends, and neighbors
    • Easily accessible transportation or alternate transportation to driving
    • Modified home to reflect your changing needs
    • Easy home and yard maintenance
    • Medical and physical needs don’t need a high level of care


Independent Living

This is just any housing arrangement made exclusively for seniors, such as those aged 55 and over. The housing environment is different from apartment-style living to freestanding homes.

This means that the housing is friendlier to older adults with easier navigation without maintenance or yard work to think about. Independent living can be your best option if you say yes to any of the following conditions.

    • You only see the need for minor assistance with activities of daily living
    • You like a place without a lot of upkeep of maintenance
    • You like socializing with peers and having activity options close by


Assisted Living Facilities

This residential option for seniors is suitable for those who want to help with some of the activities of daily living. This may include cooking, getting to the bathroom, keeping the house, and traveling to appointments.

Assisted living facilities offer 24-hour safety and security support, and access to care day or night. So a good facility will develop a personalized plan to meet the needs and accommodate any disabilities while giving freedom to do anything you can do for yourself.


Nursing Homes

This provides custodial care, such as getting in and out of bed and providing assistance with bathing, dressing, and feeding. But nursing homes differ from other senior housing facilities as they also provide a high level of medical care.

Overall, when you decide to choose the right senior housing facility that is good for you, it is essential to think about the needs you will have in the future. Such would include medial and physical needs, location and accessibility, home maintenance, financial needs, and social and emotional needs.


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