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The Benefits of a Temporary Stay in a Nursing Home

As you approach your senior years, you’re probably contemplating about moving to an assisted living community. Nursing homes are especially popular among a lot of seniors since they offer independence and accessibility to healthcare services whenever residents need them.


But moving into a nursing home is a huge decision, so it would be helpful for you to experience what it’s like living in an assisted living community before you commit to it.

The good news is you now have the option to experience a temporary stay in one of the many nursing homes in the country where you can enjoy their many benefits.

The Benefits


You’ll get to experience the real living arrangement yourself


  • A lot of seniors think that nursing homes consist of small double rooms, narrow hallways and shared bathrooms. But today, things are a lot different because assisted living facilities already offer apartment-style living where you get to enjoy your own space, gourmet food ready for you every day and other amenities that might not even be accessible in your own home.


  • A temporary stay means that you’ll get to experience what type of community you want to be in so you can decide which assisted living facility to choose when the time comes.


Your family members will understand assisted living better


  • As you grow older, your loved ones may find it overwhelming to cater to your needs when they’re working or have their own families. It may even become frustrating to them if they feel that they’re not giving you enough care or if you’re becoming too stubborn.


  • Staying in a temporary assisted living facility for a couple of weeks or a month will allow you to not only explore this living option but also for your loved ones to understand what it’s like to have someone in nursing homes so they can make better decisions about your long-term care.


You get to understand the true cost of assisted living


  • Assisted living communities don’t come cheap, that’s for sure, and that will also be the same situation once you’re living in one long-term. Price ranges for temporary stays could range between $99 and $250 per day depending on the size of the apartment, the location and the amenities offered in the facility.


  • Although some of your fees will be covered by Medicare and Medicaid if you stay in a facility for the long-term, you will need to pay the full cost of a temporary stay, which will give you and your loved ones a real perspective of what it costs to be living in nursing homes.


A temporary stay facility is an amazing option if you and your loved ones are still considering the possibility of you moving into an assisted living facility.


It’s also a great time for you and your spouse to get a break and enjoy the benefits of being in one of the nursing homes where you get to focus on living your best life possible.


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