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Valentine’s Day in Senior Housing | Celebration & Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is often a fun and exciting event for many people, particularly those who are in an established romantic relationship as well as those who are still starting as a couple. However, this is often not the case for people who are living in senior housing since many of them have lost their spouses, partners, and other loved ones throughout the years.


Fortunately, this doesn’t mean that Valentine’s Day should be ignored in care facilities! There are many ways to celebrate this event and ensure that residents will have a fun and wonderful experience.


Valentines in Assisted Living


Care facilities do their best to create a pleasing and comfortable senior housing environment. However, it can’t be denied that living in one’s original home, surrounded by family and friends, is much preferable. This is why experts encourage the celebration of Valentine’s Day as well as other lighthearted events.


Through these celebrations, residents can have an enjoyable time while being reminded that they are loved and valued.


Valentine’s Day Gifts


Giving and receiving gifts are some of the most fun parts of Valentine’s Day, but this doesn’t mean that you must spend a fortune on presents! Come up with a gift exchange program, encourage residents to sign up, and inspire them to give handmade presents to their recipients. This way, everyone gets a nice and thoughtful gift without having to spend money.


It’s also a good idea to encourage family members to give practical Valentine’s Day gifts. These are things that their loved ones will be able to use every day — instead of random items that will end up cluttering shelves and collecting dust.


Some excellent practical present ideas include weighted blankets, non-slip socks, and pill organizers. Handmade cards, artwork from grandchildren, and framed family photos will also be highly appreciated.


Sweet Treats & Special Activities


Aside from gift-giving, Valentine’s Day is also associated with chocolates and other sweet treats. So, to make this event a success, you’ll want to plan a desert bonanza with a range of delicious treats to choose from.


Chocolate bonbons are a must-have along with chocolate bark, cookies, and cake. You can also add stuffed and coated strawberries to the list along with heart-shaped muffins, cupcakes, and even pizzas.


Another great idea is to hold arts and crafts sessions where residents can make Valentine’s Day cards and handmade gifts. Remember: not everyone has the talent or motor function to create handmade cards and presents. So, conducting guided sessions will make it easier for residents to bring their gift ideas to life.


Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. It can also be enjoyed by those in senior housing who may or may not have their partners in this mortal plane. Use the tips listed above to provide residents with a fantastic Valentine’s Day celebration!


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