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Personal Assistance for Memory Assisted Living Residents

Senior living is a broad industry. In the United States alone there are multiple options available to older people. From active adult communities to nursing homes, personal assistance is a solution that will cater to the preference of the elderly person and his family.

However, the variety is a double-edged sword. As good as having lots of options are, it can also potentially lead to feelings of confusion for the soon-to-be resident and the family member tasked with looking for the perfect senior living facility.

For example, in assisted living communities, people may be surprised to find that there are multiple levels of care involved. Each one comes with different features and has different costs attached to them.


The Importance of Knowing these Levels of Care

When searching for memory assisted living facilities, knowledge about the different levels of care or personal assistance is handy, crucial even. Through this information, people will know about the different support mechanisms available to aging loved ones as years passed. Knowledge also gives those looking for an assisted living facility the confidence to ask the right questions, which will then inform their opinion when decision time comes.


Personal Assistance for Residents in Memory Assisted Living Homes

It’s important to note that assisted living facilities aren’t as heavily regulated as nursing facilities are. This is because assisted living homes offer care in a less clinical environment. The intention is to make the elderly feel cared for in an environment that’s more like a comfortable communal home or, in some cases, individual luxury apartments. No white walls and sterile linoleum floors.

From an administrative perspective, instituting different levels of care allows the people running assisted living homes to hire the right kind of staff, depending on the assistants required by residents at a given time. Say an assisted living community has more residents this year that need assistance to get to and from the dining room three times a day. So, that community needs to hire more caregivers compared to one where the majority of the residents walk on their own to meals.


Levels of Personal Assistance in Memory Assisted Living Communities

Memory care units can exist as part of a wider assisted living community or as its own standalone facility. Its residents need a higher and more specific type of personal assistance due to their medical conditions. Since they cater to senior residents with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, they cultivate an environment that helps residents with memory loss succeed and feel at home. Activities are failure-free and dining programs emphasize dignity. Staff members receive additional and ongoing specialized training in dementia care and often lead support groups or educational opportunities for family members as well.


Talking about Levels of Care

Learn about the personal assistance features when pursuing assisted living to make a loved one comfortable during the later stages of life. Take time to talk about levels of care during your tour. Most assisted living communities will assess potential residents in order to make a guess about their initial level of care needs. Use this information not only to plan for your initial costs but also to gauge your future costs based on any decline due to medical conditions.


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