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October Book Club in Assisted Living Facilities | Ashland NE

Residents in assisted living facilities Ashland NE looking to get occupied will surely enjoy this month’s new titles. Reading does not only enhance your imagination but also an opportunity to socialize. Being in a reading club is a great venue to meet new friends and stay current on “must reads.”

Whether you are looking for adventures or suspense, there is nothing like snuggling up with a good book.

Book Clubs in Assisted Living Facilities, Ashland NE

Book clubs are perfect for assisted living facilities Ashland NE to keep their residents busy and reap the benefits of retirement. Incorporating book club activities will positively impact the resident’s emotional and mental health.

Joining a book club greatly improves brain function. It helps people better connect to social events and engagement. A book club keeps its members aware of the latest titles and authors, understanding cultures, societies, lifestyles, and more.

Even if you don’t normally read, it is never too late to find new and interesting means of learning and entertainment. Joining a reading club is a great way to meet new friends, keep the brain sharp, exercise critical thinking, and improve writing skills.

Books to Read

56 Days by Catherine Ryan Howard

This book by Catherine Ryan Howard is about Oliver and Ciara, a couple who meet in a supermarket queue in Dublin. However, with the COVID-19 lockdown looming, Oliver and Ciara make the bold move to live together. Ciara took this as an opportunity to nurture a new relationship while Oliver sees this as a time to hide who he really is.

56 days later, officers discovered a decomposing body at Oliver’s place. What happened during the lockdown? Find out in 56 days.

The Lies I Told

Marisa Stockton’s twin sister Clare was murdered in James River in Richmond, Virginia. 14 years later, Marisa is now a photographer but is still haunted by her painful past.

In the current year, Marisa got into a vehicular accident that left her unable to recall the events leading to the crash. As she struggles to remember everything, Marisa does not realize she is close to meeting the killer of Clare.

I Don’t Forgive You

The story is about Allie Ross, a photographer and a devoted mother who desperately wants to make a good impression in the new community she’s moved in – an upscale DC suburb.

In her desperation to impress and be accepted, Allie did not notice her life has been hacked and someone is impersonating her online. Now, she is framed for murder. So, how will she learn the shocking truth about who is trying to destroy her life?

The Institute

Luke Ellis woke up in a room that looks like his own except that the room does not have windows. The Institute is a place for kids with special gifts: telekinesis and telepathy. No one has ever escaped the Institute but Luke is desperate. Can he check out from this place?

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