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Five Tips to Help You Tackle the Topic of Senior Housing

Tackling the topic of assisted living or senior housing with elderly parents is something most children do not look forward to.

The most commonly feared outcomes of the topic is that it will either cause the elderly family members to think that they are a burden and being forced out of their homes or that they will refuse to go in all circumstances.

Although raising the topic can be delayed in some cases, it is still important for your loved to ones to be made aware of all of their options with good notice so that they feel they have some sort of say in what happens next. Talking about the issue will give them the time to gather information and do their own research on what they feel will make them the most comfortable and happy.

To help family members with this stressful process, it helps to have some professional advice to help you out along the way. Below are some helpful tips to help lessen anxiety or fear when talking to your parents about assisted living.

Research senior housing facilities

Start looking for assisted living communities near your parents’ place or somewhere in their preferred retirement place.


Look for assisted housing facilities that have the level of care your parents need, while simultaneously meeting your parents’ housing budget. As it will require long term funding, it is crucial to choose senior housing that won’t become a financial burden later on.  As costs vary from state to state, it would be best to start your research first before opening the topic to your family.


You also might want to bring your parents along when visiting assisting living facilities, so they can see the environment and the everyday activities. Doing so will give them the idea that living in senior housing will not deprive them of their freedom used to enjoy in a regular living situation.

Discuss the plan with your siblings

Share the plan with your brothers or sisters. Fill them in on details such as when, where, and how you want to open up the discussion with your parents. You can always ask the help of your siblings during a family get-together or you have the option to talk to your parents individually.

Ask for your doctor’s assistance

Find time to speak with your parents’ primary care provider. A professional’s advice and recommendation may help them get comfortable with the idea of living in senior housing or a modern retirement facility.

Get them involved

  • Although you have made your research and considering the possibility of assisted living, it still best to let your parents decide the best option for them. Do not forget to provide other options like getting an in-house caregiver or a house help that can assist them with their day to day activities and necessities.

Illness or Accidents

If your loved one is injured or diagnosed with age-related diseases, this will greatly impact his/her ability to live independently. Informed your elderly family member the benefits of being taken cared of day in and day out knowing that their mental, physical, and emotional condition will change eventually.

Modern senior housing facilities have the experience, knowledge, means, and qualified staff to provide their current and future health care needs. It may be hard at first to talk about it, but with the right people at the right time, you can raise the topic with confidence.

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