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Different Types of Independent Living for Seniors

Independent living for seniors is a system designed for older adults who want to enjoy their retirement independently. Independent living options at senior living facilities offer a secure, comfortable, active, and simpler lifestyle to their residents.

There are different types of independent living facilities and retirement homes that you can choose from. Before considering relocating to a retirement home, look at the list of types of retirement homes that you can choose from that will support your independence and lifestyle.


4 types of independent living and retirement facilities:


Low income or subsidize living facilities

  • Low-income senior citizens from 62 years old and above may qualify to live in subsidized facilities to enable them to live independently. Most of these properties are owned and operated by non-profit organizations offering an assortment of activities, services, and amenities for their senior residents.


Anyone in the United States aged 62 and beyond may apply directly to the facility near them or their preferred retirement place under the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Section 202.

Senior apartments

  • These are ideal for seniors who are looking for low cost and low maintenance independent living for seniors’ complexes with amenities to make your life comfortable and enjoyable. Senior apartments are designed to meet the requirements and lifestyles of elderly residents.


Little to no stairs, handrails, and wheelchair ramp are expected in senior apartments. Also, senior apartments vary according to size and style like single-family apartments, suite, and duplexes. However, most senior apartments only accept 55 years old and above residents.

Retirement homes

  • Retirement homes are like senior apartments who impose age restrictions that residents must be at least 55 years old. Also called old people’s homes, retirement homes are multi-resident places with a multitude of accessible facilities designed to meet the current and future needs of independent seniors.


Retirement homes like apartments and suite rooms are available for sale or rent which have facilities for recreation, dining, health, and gatherings.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities or CCRC

  • These types of independent living for seniors’ facilities are ideal for elderlies with health issues that need assistance in the future. These facilities offer independent living to nursing home services in the same community.


For seniors who have serious health problems, CCRCs are the best option for you. Another thing that makes Continuing Care Retirement Communities appealing is that senior residents can easily and comfortably transition from independent living to assisted living should the need arise.

As you get older, the possibility to settle in an independent living environment is most likely to happen. But it is something you should be worried or anxious about for it will aid in making your life easier at the same time enjoyable.

Facilities for independent living for seniors are made available to make your life manageable without giving up your freedom. With other residents in your chosen independent living community, you can still socialize; meet new friends, and do recreational activities without the need of going out.

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