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End-of-Life Care in Assisted Living: Compassion and Support for Seniors and Families

Older adults in assisted living facilities can get end-of-life care as part of the services provided to their residents. Thus, seniors and their families can get compassion and support to cater to their needs during this very challenging point in life.


What is End-of-Life Care?


Those with terminal diagnoses can have palliative care at any stage of their illness. This can also be taken along with medicines, therapies, and treatments for the purpose of controlling the disease like chemotherapy or radiotherapy.


However, end-of-life care is different because it involves treatment and support for those who are near the end of their life. This is aimed at helping people to be as comfortable as can be in the time they have left, including ensuring that practical things like wishes or wills are well sorted out.


Compassion and Support for Seniors and Families in Assisted Living Facilities


End-of-life experiences are different from one person to another. For those who feel discomfort during the end-of-life process, there are things that the healthcare provider can give to help make the person feel more comfortable.


There are significant roles the caregivers and family members play in the management of a dying person’s pain or discomfort. It is also the time to provide end-of-life care in helping to manage the dying person’s mental and emotional distress.


While most people find solace in their faith, many find it important to talk with family and friends or to share memories of good times in order to find peace when the end is near. But providing care and comfort for somebody at the end of life can also be emotionally and physically draining.


Providing practical support in Assisted Living Facilities


A lot of people get worried when managing the day-to-day tasks of caring for someone nearing the end of life. Thus, you can modify the current environment or buy or rent some equipment to help you manage this situation.


Providing emotional support


The management of someone with a terminal illness can be dependent on the relationship of the carer with the person about to die. It might be helpful though to provide company by talking and spending time with the person during his or her final days.


Providing physical support


It can be upsetting to see the physical changes of someone dying. It is the job of the end-of-life care team to provide support when it is too much for to handle.


Planning for end-of-life


There are many resources you can use when planning for end-of-life care. Assisted living facilities are equipped with the right approach to provide services suitable for end-of-life care.


Planning for this time in life can help make the most of your time left with a loved one. Thus, they will feel as comfortable as possible, bringing the closure needed to move on in a peaceful way.


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