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Celebrating Grandparents Day in Assisted Living Facilities | Ashland NE

Grandparents are special, like parents, they provide genuine love, support, and care. They also have a special way of showing their unconditional love, making childhood more memorable.

National Grandparents Day is upon us, a special day dedicated to thanking and honoring all the grandparents out there including those in assisted living facilities Ashland NE. It is the day of the opportunity to spend time with them and make them feel valued and appreciated.

Grandparents Day

The proclamation of National Grandparents Day was initiated by the late President Jimmy Carter in 1978. But before the national proclamation, Grandparents Day was first celebrated in West Virginia in 1973 as proclaimed by then Governor Arch Moore.

The campaign to appreciate and love the grandparents of our lives began in 1970 through Marian McQuade of West Virginia. It was McQuade’s efforts and ideas that led to the declaration of National Grandparents Day.

Today, in assisted living facilities Ashland NE, and across the country mark their calendars and look forward to this yearly event to celebrate and thank grandparents for their wisdom, heritage, and contribution to society.

Celebrating in Assisted Living Facilities | Ashland NE

Check out the ideas below to know how you can celebrate Grandparents Day and make the day more fun and meaningful. Create connections and more memories to make a big difference in their lives.

Notes and Cards

Notes and cards may seem old-fashioned but perfect ways to show your affection and appreciation to your grandparents. A handwritten message on a card or note carries a personal touch as you invest time and effort in making them feel that they matter.

Prepare their favorite treats

Baking your favorite dessert is a thoughtful way to express your love and gratitude for your grandparents. This also can create a wonderful memory that you both will treasure. Imagine spending time in the kitchen while sharing stories, a fun, and one-of-a-kind way to strengthen your bond. Plus, baking treats for your grandparents will bring back fond memories.

Activities for the family INin Assisted Living Facilities Ashland NE

Plan activities that the rest of the family can participate in like story reading, music playing, cooking, walking through the neighborhood or nearby parks, picnic, or simply dining out at your favorite restaurant.

Another suggestion is to watch movies together, have a coffee date, or arts and crafts together. If some family members cannot make it, you can also have a virtual get-together.


What better way to spend time with your grandparents than with a sleepover? This would not only benefit the grandparents but also the grandchildren. First, sleepovers can strengthen the bond between two different generations. Second, grandchildren will learn more about family history, tradition, and values. Third, grandparents can share a wealth of wisdom through their personal experiences and impart valuable lessons they can use in their daily lives.

At the same time, grandparents in assisted living facilities Ashland NE will feel more valued and will have a sense of purpose while allowing them to relive their parenting years too.


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