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Celebrate Book Lovers Day in Senior Housing with These Exciting Titles

National Book Lovers Day is celebrated every 9th of August. Adults in senior housing can commemorate this special day by enjoying a new book to read.

Reading is not only relaxing but also provides numerous benefits. Reading can be a great activity to keep the mind active. The activity also boosts creativity and emotional well-being.

Book Lovers Day 2022

In honor of the day, adults can indulge in their love for adventure, romance, fantasy, and mystery books.

You can celebrate the special day with your family and friends by:

  • Joining a book club for great finds that fit your interests. Or you and your friends could start a book reading club in your senior facility.
  • Visit your local library where you may find your new favorite.
  • Organize a book party that all book lovers in your senior housing care can participate in. Hold a book trivia contest or costume party where you can encourage friends to dress as their most-loved literary characters.
  • Spend time with fellow residents or volunteer as a story reader at your senior housing facility, local school, or daycare.
  • Or simply spend the whole day reading. You can do this in your room, outdoor, or in any comfortable place that you can temporarily set up as a book nook.

Books to Read in Senior Housing

Dark Things I Adore

This book by Katie Lattari is a tale of revenge, dark secrets, and ambitions.

The story revolves around Audra, a student at the Boston Institute for the Visual Arts, and Max, her professor, and mentor. Audra invited Max to her remote home to view her graduate thesis collection. Little did Max know; Audra has carefully planned their weekend together and had woven the perfect web for Max to pay for a crime he did 30 years ago.

The Making of Her

The Making of Her is a book about marriage and motherhood that hinder Joan Egan’s quest to find true happiness.

Set in Dublin in 1996, Joan receives a letter from Emma, the daughter she and husband Martin gave up for adoption 30 years ago. Now, battling with guilt over giving up her daughter, Emma must also deal with her marriage issues and simmering issues with another daughter, Carmel.

Will Joan’s strength lead her to finally find happiness?


Complicit is the story of Sarah Lai, a former “assistant film producer” who became a college lecturer compelled to tell her own experience while working with British Billionaire Hugo North. But as she recounts the dark and disreputable stories of her experience working with North, she realized that she also has her own dark secrets to confess.

Is Sarah Lai deceitful?

This Story Will Change

An expected announcement of Elizabeth Crane’s husband ended their 15-year marriage. Separated and living with her kid and an old friend, Elizabeth surprisingly realized that the situation brings comfort and healing for wounds much older than her marriage.


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