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Father’s Day Gift and Activity Ideas for Dads in Independent Living for Seniors

Our fathers are sometimes the unsung heroes in our lives and families. They work hard to provide for the family and raise us to be the best version of ourselves. So, as much as we honor our mothers, the same should also go for our fathers.

This year, Father’s Day will be celebrated on June 18, and it should be a big day to celebrate fathers, especially those in independent living for seniors.

If you’re still planning to surprise your dad on this special day, here are some gift and activity ideas that you can try:

Gift ideas for dads in independent living for seniors

Weighted blanket.

  • A weighted blanket isn’t only cozy and comfortable, especially during those cold nights. Studies have also proven that using one is useful for people suffering from dementia.

A care basket.

  • Nothing would make your father feel extra special than a customized care basket with all his favorite things. Ask help from your mom or your siblings to put together things that your father loves. You can also include things that will help promote his cognitive function. For instance, you can include some audiobooks, books, puzzles, and even DVDs for him to watch. You can also put some snacks, candies, and even a bottle of beer if he’s allowed to drink one.

An album.

  • Seniors in independent living for seniors want to recall their memories throughout the years, and one of the best ways to do that is through an album. Print out all your photos together and put them in an album that your father will surely love looking at every day.

Activity ideas for dads in independent living for seniors

Play his favorite sport.

  • Does your dad love golf? Take him to the golf course for a morning of tee and bonding. If he can’t play the sport anymore, you can also watch the game of his favorite team together.

Prepare a picnic.

  • Do you remember when Dad used to take you to the park for a picnic? It’s your time to do the same for him by preparing a Father’s Day picnic with the entire family. Cook his favorite foods and take him to the park or even just outside the independent living for seniors’ facility that he’s in, so he can catch some fresh air while you enjoy a good lunch together.

Take him to his favorite restaurant.

  • If your dad is still able to walk and go out, you can arrange for dinner at his favorite restaurant. Treat him to everything he likes to eat because he deserves it.

Spending the day with your dad on Father’s Day will surely make this day more special to him. Even if he’s already in independent living for seniors, you shouldn’t forget to remind him that he’s valued as the pillar of your family. So, it’s only fitting that you give him the best day on Father’s Day.


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