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We’re all about YOU!

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Richmont Senior Living…

Where quality living begins!

It is our desire to provide an environment that relieves the stress you may feel from living alone. Great food, friends close by, entertaining things to do, a private apartment to call your own, and a caring staff of people always available if and when you need us.

To live the Richmont Life is to live a lifestyle entirely focused on our most important concern: YOU. With a full heart, we welcome you to Richmont Senior Living.

Leadership by MJ Senior Living

At MJ Senior Living, we recognize senior housing is about people and not buildings. We realize the only way to strengthen the bottom line is by making people the priority.

It’s not just something we say because it sounds good; it’s what we actually do. We have the ability and resources to provide on-site leadership and implementation of a sustainable solution to your problem. Whether you have experienced a census decline that needs to be fixed immediately or a less than desirable state survey, we can be on-site with the experience and knowledge to help.

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